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Choosing The Right Swimsuit Based On The Different Necklines

Choosing The Right Swimsuit Based On The Different Necklines

Swimsuits are hard enough to shop for as finding the perfect, most flattering piece can be quite difficult. Body types and neck lines will be your best friend when purchasing your next swimsuit. Here is a guide to choosing the best swimsuit based on the different necklines.  

Halter Necklines:

  • Are great of those with a bigger chest
  • Drawing attention to the upper portion of the body 
  • Showcasing the shoulders 

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Scope Necklines:

  • Are great for drawing attention downwards
  • It will give the illusion of a longer neck
  • Will showcase the collar bones

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V Necklines:

  • Smaller chest should go for a shorter v, whereas larger bust should go for the deeper v
  • Helps elongate the silhouette 
  • Individuals with longer neck should opt-out of wearing deep v by themselves

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Off the shoulder Necklines:

  • Will draw the eye to the shoulders
  • Helps showcase your collar bones
  • Perfect for those with a fuller mid section, creating balance

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