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About Us

Curvy Waves’ founder Melissa Aurora starts us off by saying that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. “I believe that what’s inside is what matters the most. Everybody is beautiful and so is everyone’s body!”

When asked about Curvy Waves and how it all began, she says, ”About 10 years ago, my goal in life was to lose 70 pounds as soon as possible. I starved myself and practically lived at the gym. I used to be ashamed of working out in front of people and so I used to go after rush hours to escape humiliation. Curvy Waves was an idea born when I thought I should put an end to the societal norms of fitting in someone else’s body shape and the idea of a perfect woman. In fact, every woman is perfect in her own way!

“I wanted to only create lingerie and shapewear for curvy women at the beginning but then I thought why shapewear when you can lounge around and swim in pool wear? Our range of one-piece, two-piece, and tankinis are inspired from life and will flatter any woman’s body. And by woman, we don’t mean a size 2 but a size that would fit your mom, sister, friend, and yourself!Our sizes are matched from women like you and me and that’s what makes Curvy Waves special to me”

Made with good quality polyester and spandex materials sourced from ethical resources, Curvy Waves’ bikinis aren’t just good looking, they’re good to last a long time in rain and sun. If there’s something that Mel would tell people who aren’t comfortable wearing bikinis or thinks bikinis aren’t their choice of clothing to the beach, she says they are!

“Every woman has her own opinion about her body - be it good or bad. And we’ve all been there at some point. I have been through some serious chagrin myself, to know better! Our Curvy Waves Bikinis will make sure you don’t feel uncomfortable in any way in your own skin. They’re figure hugging but gets rid of your tummy rolls or that extra fat under your arms. They have a high-cut hemline that fits right, making your legs look longer. I wear Curvy Waves Bikinis to the beach and our condo’s swimming pool all the time and have gotten plenty of compliments which comes as no surprise!”

Every woman should feel beautiful in her own skin. Help us achieve it for you!