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Top 5 Tankini's for Summer 2021!


With time flying by this year, we have found ourselves a few months away from a much-needed summer. Although the summer may not be like the ones we used to experience, we still have the opportunity to live it up as best as we can. With that in mind, every summer-essential guide would not be-filled with exceptional bathing suits, bikinis, or in our case, tankinis, for customers to view and enjoy in collaboration with the booming heat of a summer's day! I am here today to offer you five fantastic summer tankinis that will have you prepped and ready for whatever summer 2021 throws your way! 


1. Blue Tie Up Two Piece Tankini

This excellent Blue Tie Up Two Piece Tankini has notably been a customer-favorite and topped our sales charts! The gorgeous blossom of blue tones mixed with subtle complimentary, color-filled abstract shapes is sure to have you feeling cool as a cucumber! The bold color combination screams "SUMMER" with its everlasting glow of blue reminding you of the blissful water at a beach, swimming pool, or cottage! With an exceptional range of sizes, feel comfortable always in this wonderful tankini and truly show off your glow wherever you may be! 


2. Black Forest Two Piece Tankini

Bringing out another heavy-hitter with our community, the Black Forest Two Piece Tankini! This masterpiece is the perfect bathing suit for anyone who loves darker tones of color! The black base of this tankini is quickly complimented with a beautiful rush of abstract shapes combined with extravagant colors to create a swimsuit like no other! The simplistic design allows you to flaunt this tankini exceedingly well and will have people asking where they can purchase one! You will instantly realize that this is the perfect addition to your summer outfit collection! Try it today, and let the comfort sink in over your body!


3. Floral Blue Two Piece Tankini

The third marvelous tankini on the list is our Floral Blue Two Piece Tankini. This tremendous piece is sure to have you standing out greatly while keeping your comfort to a maximum! The gorgeous notes of blue and black give you a unique and trendy style to mix in with your fabulous summer wardrobe! The abstract floral scenery taking place on this amazing tankini is sure to have you walking around confident in your look! Slip into your comfort zone and realize the true potential this tankini has! Achieve your optimal comfort and confidence today! 


4. Plain Black Two Piece Tankini

With this pick, we bring back the simplistic and minimalistic vibes that bring back the memories of a warm summer's day at the beach! The impeccable Plain Black Two Piece Tankini is sure to knock your socks off! This fantastic black masterpiece is sure to have you looking phenomenal while leaving you with that wonderful feeling of confidence all the time! The body-hugging structure of this tankini is sure to show your curves off and have eyes drawn to you wherever you are! The pure beauty this tankini brings makes this a wonderful addition to your summer outfit selection! 


5. Red Mural Two Piece Tankini

The final selection on this list is a notable fan-favorite amongst our consumers. The glowing Red Mural Two Piece Tankini is the ideal closet addition if you are looking for a 'pop' of color. The tremendous tone of red shows off your wonderful style and gives you a new, unique look for your peers to bask in! The abstract pattern on this tankini is an amazing compliment to the color tones! With such a gorgeous display, feel sexy and confident whenever you put it on! Constantly feel comfortable and confident in our lovely tankini! Add this to your selection of summer outfits, and quickly fall in love with your phenomenal two-piece swimsuit! 


All in all, the vast selection we here at Curvy Waves offer is enough to suit every girl's preference this upcoming summer! You truly cannot go wrong with the numerous beautiful displays and colors these swimsuits come in! Expand your comfort zone greatly, and look amazing while doing so! Have this summer be filled with great memories and comfortability! 



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