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Elegant Ribbed Gown

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Color: White
Size: XS

This Elegant Ribbed Gown is crafted for those who embrace a sleek and sophisticated aesthetic. It is a piece that offers a seamless blend of classic style with a touch of contemporary grace. Designed to enhance the elegance of any occasion, this gown is a harmonious addition to a refined wardrobe.


  • Material: The dress is composed of a ribbed fabric, providing a stretchable fit that contours gracefully while maintaining its form.
  • Intended Age Range: Tailored for adult individuals seeking a garment for occasions that call for a dignified and polished appearance.
  • Special Features: This dress showcases a subtle yet striking plunging neckline, paired with slender straps that allow for ease of movement.
  • Technical Specifications: The gown is designed with a full-length cut, reaching to the floor to elongate the wearer's profile and provide an air of sophistication.
  • Shape: The silhouette of the dress is a straight cut, offering a sleek contour that flows without interruption from bodice to hem.
  • Pattern: The ribbed texture of the fabric creates a linear pattern that adds depth and dimension to the gown without overwhelming its simplicity.
  • Texture: The ribbing provides a tactile element to the gown, allowing the fabric to catch the light and create a dynamic visual effect.
  • Design: Minimalist in its approach, the design is devoid of extraneous embellishments, focusing on the purity of form and the elegance of the fabric's natural drape.

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