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Personalized Collar Sweatshirt

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Style: Sweatshirt
Size: S

This personalized collar sweatshirt is an expression of casual comfort with a personal touch. Ideal for those who appreciate a garment that feels as familiar and cozy as a hug, this sweatshirt can feature names or meaningful words along the sleeve, making each piece as individual as the wearer.


  • Material: Made from a soft, breathable cotton blend that offers both warmth and ease of care.
  • Intended Age Range: Perfect for adults seeking casual wear with a personalized element.
  • Special Features: Customizable with names or phrases along the sleeve for a distinctive touch.
  • Technical Specifications: The sweatshirt maintains its shape and color after washing, ensuring longevity.
  • Shape: Designed with a relaxed fit for maximum comfort and a laid-back aesthetic.
  • Pattern: The sweatshirt is in a solid beige, serving as a neutral canvas for personalized text.
  • Texture: The material has a plush, soft feel, providing a sense of warmth and comfort.
  • Design: Ribbed cuffs and a rounded neckline give this sweatshirt a classic silhouette with the added value of personal customization.

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