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Our 6 Most Popular Swimsuits

Our 6 Most Popular Swimsuits

Due to lockdown orders from the government, many people have been unable to go out and see their loved ones. However, the warm summer weather brings many unique opportunities for fun! For example, visiting the beach! This way, you can enjoy the fresh summer breeze and water while maintaining social distancing. However, going to the beach requires bring a bathing suit! If you're looking for a new bathing suit, keep reading this blog to find out Curvy Waves' 6 most popular swimsuits!

Black Forest Two Piece Tankini

Our most popular piece is the Black Forest Two Piece Tankini! This swimsuit is made from polyester and spandex. It’s wire-free and has a loose fit, which makes it super comfortable! The swimsuit’s design is black with multicolor tribal patterns, making it simple, but appealing. This set is perfect for anyone looking for a comfortable day at the beach and who isn’t looking to show too much skin!


Blue Tie Up Two Piece Tankini

This bright Blue Tie Up Two Piece Tankini is the perfect swimsuit for summer! It features a skirt bottom, strapless top, and a wire-free design for the utmost comfort. Not only will you look good wearing this, but you’ll feel good too! The center bow and tribal pattern add a cute touch to the outfit. There’s no wonder why this is our second most popular tankini!

Plain Black Two Piece Tankini

This Plain Black Two Piece Tankini is perfect for anyone having trouble finding a swimsuit! At first glance, it might seem plain, but this tankinis cut makes it both stylish and comfortable. The sweetheart neckline allows you to show off your curves without being too revealing. The black ruched fabric also helps shape your body and diminish the look of tummy rolls! Feel comfortable in your own skin this summer with this beautiful swimsuit set.

Army Green One Piece Swimsuit

This Army Green One Piece Swimsuit fits any body type! It has a super sexy cut and is shaped to prevent the look of tummy rolls, camel toe, and muffin tops. The deep green color can match any skin tone. With this swimsuit set, you can show some skin without being overly-revealing. It’s super comfortable and perfect for lounging at the beach or swimming!

Lace Overall Two Piece Tankini

Looking for a fashionable swimsuit with a twist? This Lace Overall Two Piece Tankini is the perfect mix between comfort and style. At first glance, it seems like any regular black swimsuit, but it also has lace accents! These lace sleeves and skirts can flatter any body type and prevents the bathing suit from being too revealing. You’ll feel so confident wearing this tankini that you’ll have heads turning all around the beach!


Floral Blue Two Piece Tank

Do you want to visit the beach but don’t want to show too much skin? This Floral Blue Two Piece Tank is perfect for you! It features a blue paisley top and black shorts. This way, you can enjoy the fresh beach air and water while remaining comfortable! This tankini comes in eight different sizes and suits all body types! Hurry up and grab this before it’s sold out!


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